Season Finale: King Kamali discusses the dangers of insulin due to uninformed abuse.

A CONVERSATION WITH KING KAMALI – is a four part sit down interview with King Kamali – a bodybuilder who has ensnared the industry with his candid and sometimes controversial statements about the current state of the sport. Kamali discussed with director Vlad Yudin about his past bodybuilding career, the future of the sport, and the current hot topics in bodybuilding today. New episodes air every Friday!

We’ve reached the final part of our four part sit down interview with King Kamali – and true to his personality he takes us out with a bang. An episode full of controversial topics and honest thoughts revolved around taboo subjects. In this episode, King Kamali and Vlad discuss illegal drug use, social media’s role in the spreading of information about illegal drug use, and whether bodybuilding is a healthy sport that young kids should aspire towards.

Most specifically, King Kamali discusses insulin use and the reason it’s becoming such a big problem in the industry. But this isn’t just pure fear mongering – the King draws a very specific line between the benefits that can come with insulin if used safely versus the abuse that leads to serious health issues and overdoses. It largely comes down to misinformation, and even worse, willful ignorance on young people who simply ignore potential consequences in an effort to improve their physique as quickly as possible.

In King Kamali’s mind – the problem with drug use in bodybuilding today is how quickly young aspiring bodybuilders jump straight into use and eventual abuse. According to Kamali, they simply start too young. They also avoid doing real research and simply look up what some random influencer on Instagram suggests without double checking their work. Leading to a spread of misinformation and real dangerous results.

So is it dangerous for athletes, influencers, and gurus to discuss illegal drugs openly on social media? Yes and no – Kamali admits that it’s important to get information out there as many people will use these illegal drugs no matter what. That is why it’s important to still bring credible information to the public to help alleviate overdoses, unnecessary health risks, and death. But it’s important for audiences to do the work and make sure what they are hearing and seeing is credible.

You can check out the full exchange in the latest and final episode of A Conversation With King Kamali above.

Note: Generation Iron does not indorse or promote the illegal use of drugs. This video is purely for informational purposes only.

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