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Was this Ronnie Coleman at the height of his power?

In bodybuilding there have been many great champions, men that made onlookers stop and stare in awe. The bodybuilders that often times made us think of characters straight out of a comic book, individuals larger than life that, by definition, shouldn’t be able to exist in this world. Yet bodybuilding competitions are loaded with athlete that boggle the mind and make you wonder how they were able to attain such a physique.

Bodybuilders are human beings with such a tremendous amount of muscle that they barely seem real and competitions are designed to find the one man who is head and shoulders above the rest. These bodybuilding champions not only prove how vastly different their physiques are to the average person, but also show how impressive their physical forms are compared to other competitors. It’s one thing to look more massive than your average Joe, it’s quite another to out duel another man with his own share of adequate muscle.

There are few bodybuilding champions that have made the bodybuilding world come to the consensus of who the best man in the world truly was. At the height of his power, Ronnie Coleman was a man that other competitors feared while onlookers watched with admiration. No one could bring into question that Ronnie Coleman could be challenged much less defeated when he was reigning as Olympia champion. The amount of muscle he was able to pack onto his frame was insane. Coleman was truly genetically gifted. Nothing highlights that more than the video below. In 2004, no one was beating Coleman for one simple fact: no athlete that shared the stage with him had the kind of massive muscle to rival that of the former champ.

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