Craig Golias At 215 Could Have Doubled For The Hulk. Did He Go Too Far With His Physique?

Too far?

Anyone that is familiar with Craig Golias in the modern day knows that his calling card is being larger than life. At 6’3″ and 340 lbs he’s pretty much a guarantee on anyone’s top #5 biggest bodybuilders list, and from all accounts he shows no signs of stopping.

However, this throwback back pic recently posted on his Instagram has some in the fitness world saying maybe he has gone too far.

While it’s not our place to speculate what a bodybuilder should or shouldn’t do with their bodies, we must admit he’s looking pretty good here. At 215 lbs he’s got mass, looks solid, and his traps look straight out of a Marvel comic book. Speaking of superheroes, doesn’t he look like the perfect body double for the Incredible Hulk?


What’s even more impressive is that this picture was taken in 2004, just a year after Golias claimed he first walked into a gym. If this is true and he didn’t get his dates mixed up, then this is one of the craziest transformations we’ve ever seen. Genetics of a God.

What do you guys think of the recent Greg Golias pic, is he better off now or did he go about 100 lbs too far?

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