Craig Golias details becoming homeless and doing anything possible to get out of it.

Craig Golias is best known as a controversially huge bodybuilder. In recent years, he has maintained a weight of over 300 pounds. This gives him the appearance of a seemingly inhuman hulking mass monster. But before he became a mass monster influencer, he was a 19 year old kid looking to find a place in the world. A streak of bad luck landed him homeless and he was willing to do anything to get out of that situation. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Craig Golias details his past becoming a male stripper to break free from being homeless.

Craig Golias is featured in our upcoming documentary Bigorexia (hitting digital this Friday October 16th. Pre-order here!). While that focuses more on his current situation and obsession with being the largest bodybuilder on earth, there is much more to his story that we couldn’t fit all in one film. That’s why we connected via video chat to take a deeper dive into his past and how he became the bodybuilder we know today.

In this exclusive interview segment, Craig Golias looks back at his time as a male stripper. It was a job he took part time out of necessity. He was 19 years old and suddenly found himself homeless. Living from his car for over three weeks – he realized that he was smart enough to get much more out of life. The next day, he dedicated himself to not only finding one job but earning himself three different jobs.

He succeeded. His first two part-time jobs were working for Pepsi and also a bouncer. His third job was working weekends as a male stripper. Between those three jobs he was able to save a large amount of money. He eventually found a place to live properly and even earned so much cash that he bought a Mustang convertible.

Not only that, but he was finally able to put more focus on the gym. He was able to pay consistently for a gym membership and also finally afford supplements to help further improve his physique. This was the springboard that allowed him to dive deeper into the world of bodybuilding and become the athlete and influencer we know today.

But what was his experience like as a young male stripper? Craig Golias admits that it was pretty easy as he simply leaned into his muscular physique. He claimed that he mostly flexed and let women touch his muscles. By his own words, Golias didn’t, “I didn’t like dance like Kai Greene shit or whatever.”

While some individuals in America find the profession of stripping to be immoral or simply degrading, Golias’ story showcases just how beneficial the profession can be to those looking to change their lives. For Craig Golias, it was a stepping stone using the skills he had available. For others, it can be a full career – a very lucrative one at that.

You can watch Craig Golias’ full comments on his past experience being homeless and being a male stripper in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above! You can also pre-order Bigorexia on digital today. Available October 16th! Click here or the banner below to reserve your digital copy.


*Header images courtesy of Craig Golias’ Instagram

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