Craig Golias talks about using angling to appear even more huge and whether or not he’s been out-angled in a photo.

It’s no secret that Craig Golias is on a mission to be impossibly huge. He’s talked about it at length in our past interview segments as well as in his featured appearance in our documentary Bigorexia. While training, diet, and supplements are a big part of achieving his massive size – he also uses optical illusions to appear even bigger than he actually is. In photographs, this is a tactic called angling. This is when a person positions their body in relation to the camera to appear larger than they actually are. In our latest GI Exclusive, Craig Golias discusses the art of angling and whether or not he’s been out-angled before.

Craig Golias has made an entire living off of being the biggest guy in the room. This is a process that not only involves dedicated training, dieting, and supplementation. It also involves using every other aspect of his life to give the appearance of massive size. This includes choosing clothing that makes him look bigger and taking photographs in a way that emphasizes his size.

Optical illusions in photographs are nothing new – especially in the Instagram era we live in today. Models have used angling to showcase the best parts about their body. Sometimes this is used to look more curvy or perhaps skinnier. Other times it can be used to look larger and more muscular. Beyond photographs, bodybuilders often rely on small optical tricks to appear bigger even on the pro bodybuilding stage.

This is where the art of posing comes in. Slight tweaks in a pose and adjustments in angle while facing the judges can make a world of difference in winning a bodybuilding show vs falling short. It’s also why you’ll see fans complain that the live streams sometimes show side angles of the stage – as this shows angles of the bodybuilder that the judges aren’t looking at.


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An example of Craig Golias using angling to appear larger (above).

Craig Golias has of course is less focused on winning pro bodybuilding shows and more focused on being the biggest bodybuilder of all time. His obsession with being massive isn’t strictly in line with what judges look for on stage. But it is in line with what his fans what to see on his social pages.

This means that Craig Golias will not even allow an unflattering picture to be released of him. He always dedicates every single photo to having the best angle to make him look massive. Not only that, he wants to make sure he can out-angle the other people in the photograph as well.

So this begs the question – has Craig Golias ever been out-angled by another bodybuilder? According to Golias, this has never happened. He even tells a quick story about a seven foot bodybuilder who wasn’t able to out-angle him in a photo. Those are confident words. We’re not interested in pouring through every photograph he’s ever published to prove him wrong – so we’ll simply take Golias at his word.

While Craig Golias seems willing to do anything in order to appear massive, there is one tactic he will never allow himself to participate in. The use of synthol, oils that can expand the muscle artificially in your body, is not something Golias is interested in pursuing. He finds it to be cheating. There’s an art to learning how to out-angle someone. With synthol, there is no art or skill. It’s just a substance that helps you skip past training.

You can watch Craig Golias’ full comments in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above.

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