King Kamali shares the craziest things he has ever done during his bodybuilding contest prep.

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Bodybuilding contest prep can be a make or break moment for any pro bodybuilder. One wrong step and an entire year’s worth of hard work and dedication can come crumbling down. When a bodybuilder looks “off” on stage it’s most likely due to slightly bad timing during contest prep, or being slightly off with their diet during those final weeks. The body responds very intensely during this last phase – that’s why the longer you are competing as a pro the most in tune you can become to how your body will react during contest prep.

Due in part to this, bodybuilding contest prep is also a time that can weigh heavy on the mind and take you to some strange and dark places. King Kamali knows this personally and has many stories of strange and intense contest preps throughout his years as a pro bodybuilder. That’s why this week Kamali is breaking down the top 5 craziest bodybuilding contest prep stories. The most intense, strange, and memorable things he did during those final weeks in an attempt to bring the perfect package on stage. Listen, laugh, and learn from these tales – maybe it will help you feel less alone when your mind starts going crazy during those final weeks.

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