Crushed Ankle Was The Beginning Of New Zealand Natural Bodybuilding Champion’s Career

From unfortunate injury to natural bodybuilding champion.

Farah Deobhakta, 55, grew up healthy as a medium distance runner and swimmer. She continued these practices throughout her adult life, but seventeen years ago, she suffered a car crash that changed her life. The impact crushed her ankle and the injury obstructed most physical activity. She attended Grunter’s Gym in Hawera for the long rehabilitation and strengthening process. During his time in a gym environment, bodybuilding was recommended to her. Four years later, she took her place on stage.

This weekend, Farah competed at her 70th show in the National Amateur Body Building Association (NABBA) Taranaki Championships. She told Taranaki Daily News:

“The exhilaration is hard to explain, the feeling you get when your body looks a certain way you never thought you could achieve. I’ve stuck with it for so long because each year I think, that body part needs a bit of work and this body part need a bit of work. You want to improve each year on what you’ve achieved and build on it.”

She says the bodybuilding is the second side to a coin of health which has dominated her life. She works by day as a doctor.

“As a medical professional I promote that as much as I can because I can see the benefits. I am the healthiest, strongest and happiest that I have ever been.”

She says bodybuilding has given her an outlet and an identity. For most of her adult life, she did not know where to pour her potential – or rather did not have a medium through which to discover her potential. The most important achievements of her career are being a five-time New Zealand Senior Figure Champion and three-time South Pacific Overall Figure Champion.

The complete NABBA Taranaki Championship Results are below:
Ms Taranaki Figure – Amber Brine, Manawatu/Whanganui
Ms Taranaki Shape – Theresa Gale-Mancer, Taranaki
Mr Physique Men – Kurt Lightfoot, Taranaki
Mr Taranaki Athletic Men – Matt Hickford, Taranaki
Mr Taranaki Body Boardshorts – Jatinder Singh, Auckland
Top Gym in Taranaki – Rampage Fitness, New Plymouth

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