CT Fletcher is fighting his way back to full recovery.

Since having successful heart surgery, fans have been waiting with baited breath to hear some good news from CT Fletcher. A major inspiration for many lifters, CT Fletcher has defied the odds before and has come back stronger. Now with his biggest challenge ahead of him, “The Superman From Compton” is putting all of his effort and focus in recovery.

Obviously heart surgery is a major procedure which means it’s going to take quite some time before CT Fletcher is able to get back to something resembling normal. But with an indomitable will and motivation, CT Fletcher is taking every step necessary to full recover.

The below message posted by CT himself is at once heartbreaking and inspiring as he sends a message of hope and thanks to his fans.

CT Fletcher is currently going through rehabilitation and is now able to walk on his own after having to use a walker.

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  1. You inspired me for years C.T.
    Get well my brother, so you can get back in there and say, “CUUUURL MUTHA@#$$”.

  2. Praying for a speedy recovery for you. My son has much respect for you and he let me know so much about you.

  3. I love you like a father CT. You gave me that fire to get back in the gym & move that steel 💪💪🏋️🏋️. I watch & listen to your speeches faithfully & then go tear the gym down. Get well & a safe recovery. Remember “Obsession & Will” 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  4. Brother CT,I also can say you have inspired me to reach beyond what I see and I Thank you for sharing a part of your life with us.May you have a full recovery.

  5. Get well CT,we are praying for for an speedy recovery. We need you back to talk shit to us mother fucker. Much love to you legend.

  6. CT FlETCHER get better soon brother, a heart transplant is something that I don’t know about but the pain I do especially when our kids look up to us in your case the world, I’ve said it before I’ll say it again I went through (DVT)12 bloodclots 6aneurysms I beat lupus and had to learn how to walk again I know brother ISYMFS💪🏿👍🏿✌🏿.

  7. C.T. Fletcher, ive been following you for years and you are an icon that is valuable in this world . You are a super strong willed man with a heart to match and I pray that you recover quickly as possible so that you can continue to be an inspiration to people worldwide. God bless you brother.


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