CT Fletcher Announces Return to Plant-Based Diet in 2020

CT Fletcher just joined the growing ranks of bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts who say plant-based diets are the way to go.

CT Fletcher, who has experimented with vegetarianism in the past, shared a video with fans on Instagram this morning announcing his plans to continue with a plant-based diet.ย While out at a restaurant, CT helped himself to two large salads, explaining that his new diet hasn’t held him back from his legendary appetite. You can see the post in full below:

Since CT was recently in the news after suffering from a devastating heart condition that required a full transplant, it’s likely his new diet relates more to his health than his bodybuilding career. Meat is famously hard on the arteries and heart disease is the number one killer of American men. Of course, CT’s decision is inevitably going to spark the usual debate that unfolds whenever a major athlete goes vegan — is it really better for you than eating meat? How do vegetarians get their protein? There’s plenty of evidence out there supporting both camps. However, when it comes to bodybuilding or any sport, health should always come first, and clearly CT is doing exactly that.

For more insights into CT’s life and career, you can check out CT Fletcher: My Magnificent Obsession, available now on iTunes, Vimeo, Amazon, and Google Play. CT is truly a living legend of the sport and his insight into the work it takes is invaluable. Obviously, if someone this talented is going plant-based, there must be some merit to the diet. As any militant vegan will be quick to point out to you, evidence suggests a plant-based diet lowers risk of heart disease andย reduces inflammation throughout the body — that last point is especially relevant to bodybuilders who suffer from sore joints or stiff muscles. Often, that soreness is dismissed as a symptom of a hard work out, but many times the pain is increased due to nutrient deficiency or improper nutrition.

There are of course health benefits to meat-eating as well, but in general, red meat is not very good for you. A plant-based diet might fly in the face of the stereotypical bodybuilding meathead who eats ten meals a day and all of them are steak, but the truth is, it might really increase your athletic ability and the overall health of your body. Eating meat is also extremely taxing on the environment and one of the largest contributors, percentage-wise, to CO2 emissions around the world.

Of course, there are challengers to that school of thought, as well. January is National Carnivore Month and the New York Times recently published a piece decrying the outrage over red meat consumption,ย saying that links between red meat and heart disease have been “greatly exaggerated” and “erode [the] public trust.”

Whatever you believe, it’s clear CT has done his own research into the issue and made an informed decision. Does that change how you feel about veganism in bodybuilding? Let us know in the comments below!


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