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Gone but not forgotten

On February 19th two backyard legends from the mean streets South Miami Florida met for the first time. The late Kimbo Slice and Dada 5000 duked it out on February 19th at Bellator 149, while it may not have been the greatest fight in the promotions history, the high level of competition brought out a certain level from each fighter. After the fight, Dada 5000 was brought to the hospital due to exhaustion and heart failure and was bedridden for weeks afterwards. So it’s a little ironic that just four months later, his competitor and friend was the one who got the call, but this time, it was the call home. In a recent Instagram post friend and foe Dada 5000 comments on the shocking death of Kevin Anthony “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson, and what his life met to MMA as a whole.

This is a tribute to The Life and Legacy of Kevin Anthony Ferguson also known to the World as (Kimbo Slice). A homegoing celebration (NOT OF HIS DEATH) but of his life! GOD Linded him to us and to the world for 42 years and he inspired a movement that captivated a nation and for that I was inspired and will forever be grateful. Because if it wasn’t For Kimbo Slice! There would not be a Dada 5000! Sure we had our Differences and before we Fought I for gave him for every one of them. Kimbo Slice was and will be forever known for his epic and ferocious battles in the backyard that led him to National and international stardom. he is the true definition of a warrior a Husband and a Father, a son, a brother, a uncle and a cousin. That was taken way to soon! So my deepest sympathy and condolences goes out to his grieving family during these tough times. May GOD continue to bless and be with you all. Kevin although God may have called you home! you inspired me also a nation to believe and Achieve greatness and that anything is possible. At that Kevin Anthony “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson! (Job well done) You Showed the World that a guy from the Back yard circuit Can make it in Professional Sports. And may your sole rest in Peace For ever! amongst the Lord Amen.#DADA5OOO #ripkimboslice#Worrior#MadeHistory #Legend#History#Perrine#DatPart

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Kimbo Slice was reported dead due to a heart attack this Monday afternoon.  Sources say he died while waiting for a heart transplant that never came to fruition. His youtube videos brought backyard boxing to the mainstream and eventually earned him a UFC contract. A true Pioneer and a class act, he will surely be missed. What do you guys think? What’s your favorite Kimbo Slice moment? Lionel Harris-Spence is an MMA enthusiast, film student, and all around drunk. Be sure to catch him on Twitter or your local pub.


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