Danny Hester admits: “I like the look of Men’s Physique upper bodies better than some of the Classic upper bodies from the front.”

Danny Hester has the distinction of being the first ever Classic Physique Olympia champion. That title has since moved on to the likes of Breon Ansley and now currently Chris Bumstead. Now that the division has had a few years to develop, we asked Danny how he feels about the direction the division and its physiques are taking. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Danny Hester admits that he thinks some of the Classic Physique upper bodies need to improve and that he prefers some of the Men’s Physique upper bodies more.

When the Classic Physique division was announced, many fans rejoiced. It was a decision made by the IFBB/NPC in response to constant criticism that the “classic” look of old school bodybuilding has gone to the wayside. Men’s Open has become full of mass monsters and the classic sweeps and aesthetics of athletes like Frank Zane were long gone.

Now that the Classic Physique division has been in action for a few years – has it actually succeeded in achieving the old school classic look? Danny Hester believes that there are some truly amazing physiques in the division – but also warns that the division as a whole needs to be careful with the overall size and quality of the physiques.

Are the Classic Physique competitors massive like Men’s Open? Certainly not. But Hester still thinks that the current crop of competitors haven’t hit the mark on truly recreating Golden Era classic physiques. Particularly when it comes to the upper body.

When asked if he was happy with the direction Classic Physique is going and what its future will hold. Danny Hester admitted that he prefers some of the Men’s Physique upper bodies, particularly from the front, over some Classic Physique upper bodies. He thinks the aesthetic is more on point with a “classic look” than the very division that is supposed to be replicating that aesthetic style.

It’s important to note that he is specifically talking about the front of the upper body. Danny Hester completely understands that the backs of Classic Physique competitors are developed in a much bigger way than Men’s Physique – and he in no way wants to imply that Men’s Physique are overall more “classic” than current Classic Physique competitors.

That being said, Danny Hester’s statement still stands. The current crop of Classic Physique competitors are surely talented individuals. But both the athletes and the judges need to be careful with which direction it moves towards.

You can check out his full thoughts in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment with Danny Hester above!


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