Dave Bautista Shares Home Gym And Plan To Go Vegan in Recent Video

Dave Bautista was recently on the cover of Men’s Health and shared information in a video.

Dave Bautista had an extremely successful career in the WWE ring that included time as the World Heavyweight Champion. Following his professional wrestling career, Bautista transitioned to the big screen and is now a successful actor. He has continued to keep himself in shape and build his physique to a high quality.

This has led Bautista to being featured on the cover of Men’s Health. The 52-year-old actor shared the accomplishment on his Instagram. In a recent interview with Men’s Health, Bautista showed off his home gym and shared some tips of his diet plan. This includes a plan to go vegan.

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Dave Bautista went through his eating preferences and how they have changed over the years. He revealed that he cut out dairy products back in 2005 and has not been eating red meat for over a decade. This has caused him to move to a plant-based and pescatarian diet. He regularly eats red beans, rice, fish, and eggs during breakfast.

We have regularly seen movie actors transform their bodies when preparing for a movie role that requires them to be in great shape. This has happened for Bautista over the years and his background in wrestling has helped.

Bautista continued by sharing some diet habits that he has. This includes some of his favorite snacks that he likes to consume. Bautista is a fan of bananas with almond butter and a vegan gluten-free grilled cheese. To continue, Bautista admitted that sushi is his go-to comfort food that he could eat on a daily basis.

Whether it is an actor or a professional wrestler, the figure cannot get into shape without a quality gym. Bautista has just the place. Going to the gym is an activity that keeps people in shape but also allows them to clear their mind. This is especially true for Bautista when he visits his two-floor gym. There are designated floors for weight training and martial arts work.

“This is not only like a place where I can stay in shape. But this is also like, this is my sanctuary. I come here for peace of mind. It’s therapeutical for me. It’s not something that I have to do to stay in shape but something I need to do to keep, you know, my mind right,” Bautista explained.

Dave Bautista built an incredible physique as a WWE superstar and has continued it as an actor. He has done this with a combination or weight training along with cardio. This includes traditional cardio work along with martial arts training. This is what Bautista prefers over traditional weight training.

Even though he is not wrestling anymore, this does not mean that Bautista is not a fitness goal. He remains in incredible shape and does it in many ways. This will continue as he remains in shape for different roles and projects coming up. The most important aspect is that Bautista still has the necessary work ethic and mindset.

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