This Physique Is the Definition of Unreal, Cartoonish Proportions 

Proportions on a different level.

While Open Weight bodybuilding may feature some of the most freakish humans to ever walk the face of the earth, that doesn’t mean other divisions in bodybuilding don’t feature some examples of incredible and out if this world physiques. Open Weight bodybuilding is truly the hallmark division of the freaky bodybuilder. That said, the Women’s Physique division features a competitor with such insane genetics and proportions that it boggles the mind.

We’ve discovered Shanique Grant’s incredible proportions in the past, but as we head into the Arnold Sports Festival, it’s obvious that she’s beginning to reach a new level of jacked. With her tapered waist and well built legs, the appearance of a well balanced physique is already present. What knocks it out of the park is her incredible delta, in particular her waist to shoulder ratio which simply don’t make sense. Take a look at the Instagram post below to see what we mean.

What do you think of Shanique Grant’s physique and cartoonish proportions?

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