A deleted scene going in depth on Rich Gaspari’s human connection to the bodybuilding world.

While the original bodybuilding series, Gaspari: The New Era, has come to a close – Rich Gaspari and Gaspari Nutrition continue to push forward in 2018. Rich was so busy, in fact, that there was plenty of moments we needed to leave on the cutting room floor for the series.

This deleted scene gives a deeper look at the kind of in depth connections Rich Gaspari makes with his retail partners and clients. It’s what separates Gaspari Nutrition from the rest – real life human connections. Having been in the business his whole life – Rich understands that bodybuilding is a family and a lifestyle beyond being an industry and business.

Here, bodybuilding retail company Southern Muscle heads up north to the Gaspari Nutrition offices and meets with Rich to go over their future planning. Rich also takes them out on the Jersey Shore boardwalk to give them a flavor of the north eastern coast. Unable to give this much time and detail into a single visit in our full episodes – this deleted scene shows just how connected Rich is with his clients and with the industry. Check it out above!