Dennis James still believes that Big Ramy could become unstoppable… but only if he starts sticking with one coach.

Beyond being an overall guru and online commentator of bodybuilding, Dennis James was also once the coach of Big Ramy. So when we had a chance to connect over a video call, we wanted to get his insight as to why Big Ramy still has so much trouble with his conditioning. Will he ever fix it? Is that really the only problem that’s preventing him from being Olympia champion? In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Dennis James breaks down why Big Ramy can’t get his conditioning under control.

Every year fans get hyped for Big Ramy to take over bodybuilding and win the Mr. Olympia. And every year he falls short mostly due to his lack of conditioning. It almost sounds like a broken record at this point. It’s the common statement made about this talented competitor. All he needs to do is pull in his conditioning next year and then he’ll win it. So far he has yet to pull it off.

But why does Big Ramy always fall short when the Olympia competition arrives? We asked this very question to Dennis James, a bodybuilding guru and former coach of Ramy. James hasn’t coached Ramy in quite a few years, so he’s not sure exactly what Ramy is doing to throw off his conditioning – but he does know that constantly switching coaches is a bad idea.

Big Ramy showing off his physique one week before the Arnold Classic 2020 (above).

Dennis James to this day still believes that Big Ramy could become unstoppable. Even after all these years of falling short. His size and aesthetic each year proves that Ramy still has what it takes to be a showstopper above all other current competitors. What’s not consistent is Ramy’s coaching team. He constantly switches when things don’t work out. But when it comes to coaching, sometimes it takes a few years to get into a good groove. Every time Big Ramy goes to a new coach, it’s like starting over with trial and error.

Dennis James does give a piece of advice for Big Ramy as well. Lay off the carbs. He’s not sure if Ramy is carbing up to get more of a full look, but that could explain why his conditioning falls flat on the night of the Olympia. James believes that even if Ramy lays off the carbs and comes in looking flat, that’s still better than looking too soft. James believes that a flat looking Ramy could still win over everyone else.

Even though the hype for Big Ramy might be slowing down after so many years of missed opportunities – it’s exciting to hear Dennis James believe that Ramy still has a chance to become a reigning unstoppable beast. Perhaps we’ll see him stand tall as Olympia champion later this year. Only time will tell.

Check out Dennis James full comments on Big Ramy in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!

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