Trainer Malik Scott Speaks On Deontay Wilder’s Loss To Tyson Fury

Deontay Wilder’s trainer was honest when speaking about the heavyweight fight.

Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder will be remembered for three fights that were at the top of boxing. The trilogy fight took place on Oct. 9 with Fury winning via knockout in the 11th round.

Wilder landed the first knockdown with a left jab in the fourth round that sent Fury to the canvas. Fury responded by knocking Wilder down twice throughout the fight. In the 11th round, Fury remained aggressive and landed a right hand to Wilder’s temple sending him to the ground and this is when the referee stopped the fight.

This gave Tyson Fury his second victory over Wilder. The first fight between the two was a split draw followed by a seventh-round technical knockout by Fury in the second fight. Following the trilogy bout, Wilder’s trainer Malik Scott spoke about the fight.

“Hell of a fight last night,” Scott said. “Those two are very, in my opinion, violently made for each other. Great dance partners. Deontay Wilder was great last night but Fury was greater and I salute both of them. It was a great night of boxing, especially for the heavyweight division.”

Scott was not shy about giving credit to Tyson Fury for the work he did throughout the bout. Deontay Wilder was caught a few times and this was how Scott was training him to attack Fury.

“The position that Deontay was in at the end of the night last night, that’s the position that I was training him to do to Tyson Fury,” Scott said. “I was training him to do the exact same thing. Tyson had him in a position and treated him accordingly. He got off, got the good shot off, the last knockout and it was a bit much. I was happy with the stoppage at that time. The fight was just going back and forth. The last knock down in my opinion, I haven’t watched the tape yet, but from the corner, it looked like the worst knockdown.”


After the second fight, there was plenty of controversy around the decision to stop the fight. Deontay Wilder wanted to go out on his own terms and this could have been one of the reasons there was a third bout.

Scott made it a point to discuss how he would have handled it from the corner. In fight No. 3, Scott was not going to get in the way.

“If I had felt or seen that he was in a position, I’d honor his demand request and continue to let it go on,” Scott said. “I’m going t allow the referee to do his job. I’m not going to go against my brother’s will. I’m not going to go against something that we have talked about before.”

“I definitely will say that Deontay Wilder would much rather go out last night than how it was taken from him in the second fight. Deep, deep down, he doesn’t mind, ‘if I have to go out, I’d rather go out like this.’ He didn’t get to show people what he is really, really made of. Not just power. He wanted to show people that he is made of power, grit, heart. He wanted people to see when the chips are down how he was going to go out and go out on his shield. You have to commend that.”

There is always a chance of a fourth fight between the two, especially after comments by both men were released post-fight. This would continue to build the history between a great rivalry in the sport of boxing.

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Greg Patuto
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