Despite Diabetes, Thiago Santisteban is Pushing His Massive Physique to the Next Level

Some roadblocks simply can’t be avoided.

You can face these daunting circumstances with pride and dignity, but most of all, you have to do so with understanding. When a hurdle presents itself in your path you must choose to either jump over it or let it block your progress. For Generation Iron Brasil athlete Thiago Santisteban, discovering that he was a type 1 diabetic never knocked him off the path of becoming a top flight bodybuilder.

An impressive standout in the 212 Division, Thiago Santisteban has built a championship level bodybuilding physique despite having diabetes. Nutrition is a huge part of bodybuilding as well as monitoring your insulin to ensure you get the best effects from your training. Thiago Santisteban being diagnosed with diabetes has likely made him even more in tuned with the fuel he puts into his body and has likely allowed him to build an even more impressive physique by remaining dedicated to what he can and can’t consume.

It’s this kind of dedication that has built Santisteban’s character. The Brazilian bodybuilder is using his life and career to show individuals, particularly children, that the fitness lifestyle can have a hugely positive impact on their lives whether they’re suffering from minor or major ailments alike. Through his hard and consistent training, Thiago Santisteban is becoming a true motivation.


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