True inspiration.

When you stop to consider all the inspirational material out there in the fitness world, you realize just how much material is there to get you fired up. For the most part, the images of bodybuilders cause fans and the average Joe to get inspired to get into the gym, live a healthy lifestyle or make some kind of change to themselves in order to achieve some level of greatness. Once one gets started and sticks to a program, it becomes more and more obvious that it takes hard work and dedication to bring about their dream physiques. Now think about doing that while something is constantly holding you back.

For Sham Singh Shera this isn’t a thought process but a reality of life.

Sham Singh Shera suffered from Polio as a child and as such the horrible sickness left his right leg withered and weak. But despite that fact, the Indian bodybuilder has been able to cultivate a truly impressive physique. And when we say impressive we don’t just mean for someone with a disability. Sham Singh Shera has built up a physique so impressive in fact it truly boggles the mind.

“How was he able to build such an impressive physical form?”

The answer to that is simple of course. Like anyone else who succeeds in bodybuilding at the highest level, Sham Singh Shera has pushed his body to the limit, remained dedicated, and was able to create something that is truly inspirational. If you think other bodybuilders out there are inspiring, trust us when we say you haven’t seen anything unless you’ve had the chance to come across Sham Singh Shera. Take a look at the bodybuilder who one in the disabled class at the BodyPower.


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