Despite Major Injury, Jeremy Buendia Is Back In The Gym And Training Hard

Jeremy Buendia isn’t letting injuries stop him.

Injuries plague every athlete from those at the highest level of their sport to individuals just looking to stay active. There’s nothing like a good injury to bog you down when you’ve been making considerable and ample progress. While many people use their injury as an excuses to stop training and simply lay down and rest, that may not always be the best decision.

Resting is certainly a requirement that should be taken under consideration. You have to listen to your body after all and an injury suffered during normal training or activity could be a tell tale sign that you need to take a moment to recover. But research has shown that if you can manage to train the other muscled that haven’t been effected by the injury, then the muscle loss and degradation will be minimal. Apparently that’s something four time Men’s Physique Olympia champion Jeremy Buendia is taking under consideration.

After suffering a pec injury, it was uncertain how Jeremy Buendia would fair when he finally made his return to the gym. Now it appears that we have our answer. Rather than sit on the sidelines and do nothing, Jeremy Buendia is throwing himself back into action and looking to preserve all his gains. Take a look at the video below as he performs a one arm squat with six plates!

Do you think Jeremy Buendia will recover in time for the Olympia?

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