Despite Not Competing, Shawn Rhoden is Looking Olympia Ready!

Shawn Rhoden is looking Olympia ready.

The 2019 Olympia is fast approaching this weekend and that means competitors are putting the finishing touches on their physiques, cutting down the water, and preparing to showcase what they’ve been working on during the off season.

Currently, the Mr. Olympia title is up for grabs as 2018 champion Shawn Rhoden has been barred from competing. It should be a tight race to the top with so many talented competitors looking to stake their claim as Olympia champion. Everyone has taken their training to the next level hoping to seize the opportunity and be crowned the best bodybuilder in the world.

While he may be on the sidelines, Shawn Rhoden isn’t just sitting out the 2019 Olympia quietly. In fact, it seems that the 2018 Olympia champ is taking his training even more seriously and earning his nickname ‘Flexatron’. If one had to guess, Shawn Rhoden is still treating his prep seriously despite the fact that he won’t be stepping on stage this year.

Some recent training footage and photos show Shawn Rhoden pushing himself hard in the gym in hopes of reminding everyone why he became the 2018 Olympia champion in the first place.

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