Despite Weighing In At 266 Lbs, Regan Grimes Still Gunning For Classic Physique

Regan Grimes is still looking to compete in the Classic Physique division.

Earlier this year Regan Grimes made headlines when he decided to leave the famed Oxygen Gym in favor of returning to the west and training at home. Many criticized his initial move in the first place while others have been less than understanding of the young bodybuilder’s decision to make the switch from the Open Weight division to Classic

Many people believe that Regan Grimes simply isn’t the right fit for the Classic Physique division. Having packed on so much muscle and currently weighing in at 266 Lbs, it seems to be a uphill battle for Grimes as he prepares for the upcoming New York Pro.

Regan Grimes recently posted this image up on Instagram showcasing his current physique, sitting at a massive 266 lbs.

Do you think Regan Grimes should be competing in the Classic Physique division?

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