Name: Dexter Jackson

Nickname: The Blade

Division: Men’s Open

Birth date: 11/29/1969

Height: 5’6″

Competition Weight: 225 lbs


Dexter Jackson, from Jacksonville, FL, grew up playing sports. He excelled at football, baseball, and running track in high school and had dreams of going to college and becoming an athlete. However, after he graduated his girlfriend became pregnant, so he instead took responsibility by staying in the area and getting a job as a cook.

Jackson has a naturally competitive spirit and was first introduced to bodybuilding and strength training when his brother joined the army. He first started exercising as a way to compete with his brother’s new fitness, but was soon drawn into the world of professional bodybuilding. He first started bodybuilding at the amateur level in 1990 and received IFBB certification in 1992 after winning the NPC USA Championships. He was 2008 Mr. Olympia. He is tied for most wins of all time within the IFBB at 28 wins.

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