Has Chris Bumstead been compromised ahead of the 2019 Olympia?

It’s hard enough prepping for a big bodybuilding show, much less the Olympia. For a bodybuilder to get into prime condition they need to regulate their diet, keep their training at a high volume, and eventually cut water weight in order to best show off their acquired muscle.

When the Olympia comes calling, the need for having a sure fire prep is even more paramount. The Olympia is the biggest show of the year which means each and every competitor is bringing their absolute best form to the stage on the night of competition.

For Chris Bumstead, his Olympia prep has been going pretty well for the past year. But it appears a problem has arisen ahead of the big show. According to the latest post on Chris Bumstead’s YouTube channel, the Classic Physique competitor may have suffered a hamstring injury.

In the video, Chris Bumstead describes what happened to his hamstring and how it will effect him heading into the Olympia.

Do you think this hamstring injury will harm the chances of Chris Bumstead at the 2019 Olympia?

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