Don Saladino shares some insight into the hardest working celebrities that he’s trained.

Celebrity transformations are nothing new, it’s a great way to gain a lot of attention onto a film and can even be used to help win a few Oscars (though that is usually reserved for an actor who gains a lot of fat or gets dangerously skinny). But for the bodybuilding crowd, celebrity transformations into superhero muscle beasts is the most exciting. Just look at how much attention Kumail Nanjiani got when he revealed his shredded physique. But what did it take for these celebs to attain this kind of physique transformation? In our latest GI Exclusive interview, training coach Don Saladino reveals who the hardest working celebrities are in the gym based on his past celebrity training experience.

Don Saladino is a world renowned coach who has clients from all walks of life. While he wouldn’t label himself as a celebrity trainer, many A list celebs have been in his client list for quite some time. Top names include the likes of Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Ryan Reynolds.

It’s one thing to see the end results of these amazing celebrity transformations, but it’s not very often you get an inside look at the transformation process. Sure, celebrities will post social media videos hitting a few sets. But what was it like for celebrities, some of whom might not focus fitness regularly, to go through the gauntlet?

We asked Don Saladino to share a little insider information. Who was the hardest working celebrity in the gym that he’s trained? The answer might surprise you. Yes he mentions the likes of Ryan Reynolds – an actor who is known to maintain an incredible physique after his transformation over a decade ago. But more surprising names pop up including John Krasinski and most notably – David Harbour.

David Harbour had to transform his physique in order to take on the roll of Hellboy. But he also had some back problems that made it hard for him to jump confidently into training. Don Saladino describes the incredible progress they achieved together. Saladino believes that Harbour’s transformation is probably one of the one’s he’s most impressed by. It’s one thing to get an actor who is already in shape into better shape. It’s a whole different beast entirely when the actor has previous injuries that need to be overcome.


You can watch Don Salandino’s full comments in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!

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