Dorian Yates reflects on how bodybuilding has changed since his era in this exclusive GI Exclusive Vault clip from Generation Iron 3.

GI VAULT – is an extension of our GI Exclusive interviews. The difference? These interviews come straight out of the Generation Iron vault from the cutting room floor of our feature film documentaries. With over hours of interview footage that doesn’t make it into our final films, we’re now releasing them out into the world.

While Dorian Yates wouldn’t consider himself a mass monster – he was dubbed The Original Mass Monster by most of the bodybuilding media. This is due to him being one of the first, if not the first, person to bring unprecedented size to the bodybuilding stage. It opened the door to athletes like Ronnie Coleman who actualized mass monster size to an even bigger level. Bodybuilding has not been the same since. In our latest GI Exclusive Vault interview, Dorian Yates goes into detail about how things have changed in bodybuilding since his time.

Dorian Yates is a man who’s not afraid to speak his mind. He’s been very open about many taboo topics such as his steroid use during his prime, his use of marijuana after retirement, and most recently – his criticism of modern bodybuilder physiques.

But this criticism is hardly something new. While it was shocking to hear him single out Brandon Curry as the Olympia champion, Dorian Yates has made it clear before that he sees a decline in bodybuilding today. He stated so briefly during his appearance in Generation Iron 3.

But there was much more on the cutting room floor that didn’t make it into the cut. Which is why we’re bringing out this full interview segment from our GI Exclusive Vault. In this clip, Dorian Yates goes much more in depth about what he believes has changed in bodybuilding since his time.

Specifically, he finds that the sport has become more superficial and more focused on the material. He admits this is likely due to social media and the internet – which provides the promise that anyone can become famous. Bodybuilders are now focused on not only winning the Olympia – but finding fame online regardless of their competitive standing.

Dorian Yates believes this is what has caused a decline in the conditioning of modern bodybuilding physiques. Dorian discusses how in his prime, he would go to the gym, do the work, and go home. He didn’t focus on anything else. He didn’t focus on presenting himself to fans. There was no internet to keep him connected daily with the bodybuilding community. It’s a large part as to why Dorian was called “The Shadow.” He would stay quiet and train then suddenly appear on stage and dominate. He was hidden in the shadows until the last possible moment.

You can check out Dorian Yates’ full comments on how bodybuilding has changed in our GI Exclusive Vault interview segment above! You can also relive the excitement of Generation Iron 3 on digital today. Click here or the banner below to stream or download!

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