Dorian Yates Is Creating A Monster With Protege Dan Cristian

Picking the right coach can make all the difference in the world.

The average bodybuilder will tell you that genetics are the most important component of becoming a pro. While that may be true to some extent, there are more factors to consider when it comes to building a massive and shredded physique that is stage worthy. Bodybuilding is as much about training and diet as it is about what’s in your DNA. Relying solely on your genetics will get you nowhere fast if you simply rest on your laurels. You should be aiming to combine an incredible work ethic with those very same superior genetics. It’s an ideology that prospect Dan Cristian is following under the tutelage of the legendary bodybuilding champion Dorian Yates.

During the heights of his powers, Dorian Yates was an unbeatable behemoth. A pro since the eighties into the late nineties, Yates became the Olympia champion to beat after the long reign of Lee Haney. Dorian Yates understood well that in order to bring himself to the next level and stay on top that he’d have to venture to create a physique that the world had never seen before. He brought forth the era of the mass monster, constructing massive muscle while getting shredded to the bone. It’s the same kind of physique that we see on stage today. Now retired, Yates has been putting his time into training up and coming bodybuilders and molding them into massively muscled pieces of art. Dan Cristian is one of his students.

While Dan Cristian still may only be an amateur bodybuilder, he has proven himself to be a true competitor with the kind of potential to contend with others in the professional ranks. Training under Dorian Yates has reaped amazing dividends and he looks to continue his amazing growth under the tutelage of the all time great. Dan Cristian seems to be taking a page out of his coach’s book and is looking to build up a massively muscled physique, a lot of his focus on building an impressive back.

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