Dorian Yates Says Weight Training Is Best Way To Get In Shape

Six-time Olympia champion Dorian Yates compared weight training to cardio.

The age-old question remains which is better for weight loss — weight training or cardio. Dorian Yates knows a thing or two about weight training and believes this is still the best way to stay in shape and lose weight, if this is your goal.

Yates is a six-time Olympia champion who still provides insight on his YouTube channel. He receives plenty of questions about weight loss and in a recent video, explained how weight training is still the best way to burn that fat. This is because during cardio, fat is used as the primary source of fuel. The net fat loss during weight training is higher because of the increase in muscle mass.

“The muscle mass that you build while you are weight training requires fuel, requires energy even if you’re not working out, you’re just sitting there. So the question is, your net gain from doing weight training versus doing, let’s say, steady-state cardio – with weight training will be higher,” Yates said.

Because if you have more muscle mass, that requires more energy – like having a bigger engine in your car, you’re gonna require more fuel. So, in fact, weight training ultimately will help lose fat more effectively than cardiovascular exercise.”

Dorian Yates explained that weight training uses carbs as the primary source of fuel. When performing cardio, it is fat that is used during the workout. The significant increase in muscle mass is the reason the net fat loss is higher. This seems to have a different feel when it comes to women.


When training, women can sometimes feel that weight training will make them too muscular or add size that they do not want. This could be why cardio is preferred when women train. This is a myth that Yates addressed as well.

Some females are still kind of afraid thinking building too much muscle is not for them. But trust me, weight training is the best way to get into shape, lose body fat, and build muscle – to change your shape.”

Dorian Yates is a six-time Olympia champion. He put together a stretch from from 1992-1997 where he was unbeatable. It was not until 1998 where Yates was knocked off and Ronnie Coleman began his reign at the Olympia. He has been an influential name in bodybuilding for quite some time and that is not going to change. Now, he is doing his work as a trainer and using his wisdom to help others.

It is not surprising to see a bodybuilding champion favor weight training as a preferred method to stay in shape. Yates is an experienced and educated competitor who has performed at the highest level. There are few better to follow when looking to accomplish a fitness goal.

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Greg Patuto
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