Dr. Testosterone discusses the strange cases of broscience being ahead of real science.

With anabolic steroids and other PEDs largely banned or illegal in the United States, the studies on how these substances can be used to enhance human beings can often be lacking. We certainly know a wide variety of health risks associated with steroids, but for bodybuilding purposes doctors can often be behind the curve (LINK TO JERRY BRAINUM). In our latest GI Exclusive, Dr. Testosterone explains how sometimes broscience can actually be ahead of the certified medical world.

In the bodybuilding world, when it comes to steroids and other PEDs, personal experience can often be placed higher than medical advice. This is largely due to the fact that licensed doctors are legally not able to recommend or prescribe steroids for sports or recreational endeavors. So bodybuilders who want to use steroids turn to underground sources. This often entails gurus or following “broscience.” Broscience is a slang term for non-medical knowledge gained from personal experience in sports or fitness.

Broscience brings up a big moral grey area when it comes to steroids. There’s no denying that steroids and other PEDs can be very powerful drugs. This can be dangerous if used incorrectly. Who’s to say the guru you listen to actually knows what they are talking about? Ultimately, it’s a risk that lives in the darker corners of fitness.

But strangely enough, sometimes broscience theories end up not only being accurate, but ahead of the medical community. At least, that’s according to Dr. Testosterone. During our interview discussion, Dr. T explains how through personal use and experience, sometimes bodybuilders and “broscientists” actually discover something before doctors do. This is mostly due to the fact that doctors and scientists will much less rarely test steroids on human subjects.

Dr. Testosterone shares some specific examples of times that broscience theories ended up being true and known decades earlier than the medical community. This isn’t to say that there are no risks when listening to broscience talk. At the end of the day, personal experience doesn’t always make up for medical research and knowledge. With no regulations in the underground world of steroid use – sometimes innovation happens, other times dangerous things can happen.

It’s all part of a risk/reward ratio. How far people are willing to tip the scales comes down to the individual. But it’s certainly interesting to see how sometimes lack of regulations can lead to true innovation or discovery much faster. The bigger question becomes – at what cost?

Check out Dr. Testosterone’s full comments in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!

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