How far have we really come in female bodybuilding?

The East Coast Mecca’s true name is The Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym – named after one of the most famous female bodybuilders and powerlifters of all time. Though retired from competing for many years now, Bev Francis runs the East Coast Mecca along with her husband Steve Weinberger and strive to make it a home away from home. Not just for themselves but for any bodybuilder with a hunger to make it their lifestyle.

Bev Francis opens up about the long and arduous path from female bodybuilding’s early roots all the way to the current state of the competition. With the women’s open slowing down and not appearing at some major competitions – the big question remains: have we really moved far forward when it comes to bodybuilding for women? Bev Francis sheds some light on the subject. Check it out above!

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