Kai Greene trains and gets tips from veteran bodybuilder Dexter Jackson.

EAST COAST MECCA: SEASON 2 – Generation Iron returns to the beast coast with an inside look at the Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym one week before the New York Pro 2016. Known as the East Coast Mecca of bodybuilding, Bev Francis’ gym attracts today’s most elite athletes. In season 2 we’ll follow the likes of Kai Greene, Dexter Jackson, Roelly Winklaar, Sadik Hadzovic, and many more.

The third and final part of our 3-part Kai Greene arc is finally coming to a close – and what better way to end with a bang than Kai training with the ageless legend Dexter Jackson. Watch these two bodybuilding powerhouses train in the East Coast Mecca and also trade tips and stories that they have learned over the course of a long and prosperous bodybuilding career.

To be a fly on the wall during a conversation and training session like this brings invaluable insight to anyone who is a fan of bodybuilding. Check it out in our latest episode of East Coast Mecca above.