Steve Weinberger gives praise to Darah Diaz and is expresses disappointment in Lionel Beyeke.

Rising to the top of your class is a daunting task for anyone who competes professionally. In the case of bodybuilding and fitness, it can be especially difficult. It’s all about piecing together everything in order to present the perfect package. If you’re off, even by a hairs breadth, then it could spell certain doom for your placing in a competition.

Knowing that fact well, both IFBB Bikini Pro Darah Diaz and IFBB Pro Open Weight bodybuilder Lionel Beyeke seek the advice of none other than the head IFBB judge himself, Steve Weinberger. In this episode of East Coast Mecca, Weinberger provides Darah Diaz and Lionel Beyeke with the kind of insight that can take their careers to the next level. Check out the latest episode now!

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