4 Easy Tips For Hypertrophy And Unbelievable Muscle Growth

Muscle growth made simple.

When it comes to building muscle it’s all about eating right and training hard. It’s a fairly simple formula when you look at it from a broad perspective, but when you get down to the nitty gritty things get a bit more complicated. While some may look at bodybuilding as merely lifting heavy objects and watching your muscles swell, the reality is far more intricate than that. In order to build massive, quality muscle, then you have to put your body into a hypertrophic environment. How exactly can you do that and do it with general ease? Well, keep a few of these tips in mind and watch your muscles grow.

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1. Warm Up Sets

First things first, you can’t just start pushing heavy weight right out of the gate. Getting your muscles primed for action is both a necessity and gets your body ready to be pushed to the limits. A few warm up sets to get your muscle of choice lubricated, then it’s on to step two.

2. Intensity

Once the body is ready to be put to the test, then it’s time to ramp things up and push your muscles. Hard. The intensity of your workout could determine if you experience hypertrophy or not. That doesn’t mean lifting fast or lifting incredibly heavy weight. Rather than focusing on your one two max, use 60 percent of your max out and squeeze your muscles at the top of every lift. There’s a difference between just lifting the weight and really squeezing the muscle tight with every movement.

3. Rest Periods

Once you’ve understood that you have to push yourself to your limit with every set, you have to consider how much rest you need in between each set. Though you may have pushed yourself hard you’re going to need to take a break. The thing is you can’t rest for too long oh you’ll miss that sweet spot for reaching and maintaining hypertrophy. Rest periods should last for about 60 seconds which will keep you in that hypertrophic sweet spot as well as build your conditioning.

4. Weighted Stretching

Now you can choose to just simply rest between every set or you can try this technique in order to produce some extra gains. Giving those muscle fibers a nice stretch can end up giving you an extra boost in growth. In fact, weighted stretching between sets can produce up to twice the growth if applied correctly.

Do you find it hard to reach hypertrophy?

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