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Egg whites or whole egg?

THIS OR THAT WITH JESSENIA VICE – takes two highly debated fitness topics and compares them to determine the best solution for maximizing your bodybuilding lifestyle. The best part? We let you decide the winner to be announced by Jessenia the following week. We raise the facts, you choose the champion. New episodes every Thursday!

Bodybuilding diets are known for being strict and repetitive. You need to make sure that every single thing that goes into your body is a positive addition to what is needed to get massive and shredded. This is not only hard it can become pretty boring when it comes to taste.

Case in point – egg whites. While taste is subjective, egg whites are not the most flavorful of foods. Yet many bodybuilders eat the egg whites only because it is the healthier and better option for sculpting the perfect physique. But is the added yolk really that bad for your diet? Jessenia Vice breaks down both options and then YOU can decide what is best for bodybuilding.

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