Tony Huge believes he’s being censored because his underground experiments reveal info that would cost big businesses profit.

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Tony Huge sees himself as a freedom fighter first and foremost. Where others see a dangerous man using propaganda to hurt the masses – he sees himself as a revolutionary that is on the verge of changing the world. After all, many great revolutionary heroes were seen as the bad guy… until time proved they were on the right side of history.

In his mind, Tony Huge believes that his experiments are breaking free from a system that only researches things that can turn a profit. Big Pharma and other businesses (including the government) are afraid of solutions that are too effective… because they can’t make as big of a profit off those kinds of substances.

So of course, this must mean that the powers that be censor Tony Huge – not because he is dangerous but because he will cut profits from their bottom line. This is just one side of the story and medical doctor Thomas O’Connor has no qualms calling out Tony for his hypocrisy.

Dr. O’Connor makes it clear that Tony is making a lot of money off of his own concoctions that he sells through Enhanced Athlete supplements. And that while a healthy dose of mistrust in big corporate entities is natural… Tony Huge falls far beyond that into conspiracy theory territory. Perhaps the government and big businesses are censor Tony Huge because he’s actually giving out dangerous and incorrect information.

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Enhanced 2 The Max


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