Tony Huge’s experiment goes wrong and leads to a vomit inducing drug overdose.

Watch this exclusive clip from Enhanced 2 The Max – available now on all major digital platforms. Get your digital copy today right here. In this clip, Tony Huge gets sick after an accident in one of his experiments leads to an overdose.

Tony Huge has no qualms with conducting underground experiments involving performance enhancing drugs. In fact, he has made it his mission to try and change the world with his underground tests. While being freed from the limitations of supposedly unfair laws and rules in certified science experiments is a bonus for Tony Huge, it can also have a downside.

This exclusive clip from Enhanced 2 The Max showcases a perfect example of how an underground experiment can go horribly wrong – all because Tony Huge took the wrong substance during one of his tests. Effects can vary among different substances, which is why taking a certain unit of one does not necessarily equal the same for another. Tony had to be reminded of this the hard way.

Luckily, the overdose of accidentally taking too much DMAA only lead to side effects similar to food poisoning. In the clip above, you can watch Tony slowly become nauseous until he can’t help but vomit into his kitchen sink. A small price to pay compared to something more serious that could have had long term effects. Check it out in the exclusive clip above!

Enhanced 2 The Max is now available on all major digital platformsGet your digital copy today by clicking here or the banner below.

Enhanced 2 The Max

Note: Generation Iron does not indorse or promote the illegal use of drugs. This video is purely for informational purposes only.


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