Tony Huge and his test subjects gorge on sushi while sneaking in their regular dose of Insulin.

Watch this exclusive clip from Enhanced 2 The Max – available now on all major digital platforms. Get your digital copy today right here. In this clip, Tony Huge brings his subjects to a sushi restaurant to bulk up and sneak in their regular dose of Insulin for the experiment.

Tony Huge is a man who believes that modern certified science has failed us – especially when it comes to innovations in drugs. Even more especially when it comes to performance enhancing drugs. Most of these PEDs are illegal – but Tony believes there is no proven science to warrant making these substances banned. That’s why Tony is conducting his own underground experiments with volunteer subjects to prove the value of PEDs.

But that also means that the subjects need to stay on target with training, diet, and substance intake every single day… even when you’re going out in public places that would frown upon illegal drug use. Case in point, this exclusive clip showcases Tony Huge taking out his subjects for a sushi feast. The goal? To put on as much bulking mass as possible by eating as much as possible. The problem? This will lead to gaining fat, not muscle. That’s where the drugs come in.

Unfortunately, it’s not acceptable to skip any of the scheduled drug intake – so Tony Huge sneaks in some of his own drug cocktails and slips them to each subject at the table. Tony doesn’t understand why a man with diabetes can openly take a shot in public… but someone using PEDs can’t. What do you think? Watch the clip above and decide for yourself.

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Note: Generation Iron does not indorse or promote the illegal use of drugs. This video is purely for informational purposes only.