Tony Huge explains how steroids and other PEDs are essential for success in sports.

Watch this exclusive clip from Enhanced 2 The Max – available now on all major digital platforms. Get your digital copy today right here. In this clip, Tony Huge explains how he believes that the chemistry behind training is far more important than the hard work.

While the conversation surrounding steroids and other performance enhancing drugs has always existed in bodybuilding and most sports at large – there is one thing that most athletes seem to agree upon. PEDs do not replace the hard work needed as a foundation for success. Tony Huge would beg to differ based off of his underground experiments. He believes that with each passing year, the drugs behind training are actually more important than the training itself. He thinks we have reached a point where someone can work less hard but show more improvement than a drug free athlete.

Of course, whether or not this is true remains to be seen mostly because major experiments involving steroids and other PEDs are not being conducted due to their illegal nature. That’s why Tony Huge believes his experiments are so important – they are pushing data in a direction the government and corporations refuse to focus on.

The big question though lies in the validity of Tony’s experiments. He’s not a medical doctor or a licensed scientist working on certified studies. Some believe this makes him a man who can experiment with no limits and reach further truths. Others believe that the underground nature of his experiments are haphazard, dangerous, and invalid.

But one thing is definitely true – underground drugs are becoming more and more potent and the limits continue to be pushed further than ever before in history. Does this actually replace hard work as Tony Huge believes? Watch the exclusive clip from Enhanced 2 The Max above and decide for yourself.

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Note: Generation Iron does not indorse or promote the illegal use of drugs. This video is purely for informational purposes only.


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