Many dismiss Tony Huge as a mad scientist. Now he tries to prove them wrong.

Enhanced 2 The Max is available now on all major digital platforms. You can get it right here. The film is a sequel documentary to last year’s Enhanced, which dove into the mind of Tony Huge, a man who believes steroids and PEDs are the next step in human evolution.

Ever since Enhanced brought more exposure to Tony Huge’s underground PED tests – many have dismissed him as a mad scientist while others worry that he is a dangerous individual who will likely get himself or someone else killed. In the upcoming sequel, Enhanced 2 The Max, we chronicle Tony Huge’s attempt to vindicate himself with a series of experiments to prove to the world once and for all that his methods not only work – but are not dangerous. The big question being – do these experiments succeed? Or are they simply another smoke screen?

No longer satisfied by certified studies sanctioned by the US government, Tony Huge brings together five volunteers who are willing to be experimented on by being given a regimen cocktail of drugs. The goal? To see if they can put on 15 pounds (or more) of lean muscle in just seven days.

Enhanced 2 The Max explores the lengths that Tony Huge is willing to go to prove his scientific process valid – though he is not an actual medical doctor or certified scientist. With only an underground laboratory, his personal experience, and a group of volunteers who trust him – can Tony provide actual proof that he is someone who can bring real results to the world and further human evolution? Or will he simply showcase the potential other truth: that he is a mad scientist that will one day get someone hurt.

Enhanced 2 The Max dives deep into each day of his experiments to chronicle his process. Will his results succeed? And at what cost? The world will soon find out.

Enhanced 2 The Max is now available on all major digital platforms. You can order today by clicking here or the banner below.

Enhanced 2 The Max


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