Tony Huge explains how the government and the supplement industry prevent real effective results.

Tony Huge considers himself a self proclaimed fighter for freedom. A big part of this is exposing dishonesty in the pharmaceutical and supplement industry. This of course, is a big part of why he currently has a civil and criminal case against his supplement company, Enhanced Athlete.

Tony Huge believes there are no real effective supplements on the market… at least not ones that are legal anymore. This is due to the government cracking down with an updated list of which ingredients are legal and which ones are not. Compounding this are big supplement companies that sue smaller ones for unfairly using certain ingredients that take away business from companies that do everything right.

Of course, these ingredients are supposedly made illegal for a reason. To Tony, their reasons are bullsh*t. Check out Tony Huge explain why he believes the supplement industry is a sham in the latest exclusive clip from Enhanced above!

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*The contents of this video are the sole opinion of Anthony Hughes. Generation Iron Brands LLC does not condone, support, or advocate any form of illegal drug use.


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