How Tony Huge handles relationships with women.

We have another exclusive clip from the upcoming documentary film ENHANCED. Following the lifestyle of Anthony Hughes, aka Tony Huge, as he uses his body as a testing ground for steroids and other performance enhancing drugs. Tony seeks freedom from the American government – both to legalize steroids and enhance human evolution with PEDs and also from the general rigid structure on how Americans are “supposed” to live their lives.

Case in point – women and romantic relationships. Tony Huge takes the Polygamist model when it comes to dating. While he doesn’t plan on getting married – he takes the core of Polygamy by allowing himself to date numerous women at the same time… but not letting the women see other people beyond himself.

But does this freedom come with manipulation? Is Tony Huge a free loving spirit or a controlling monster? Much like many subject matters explored in Enhanced, the answer isn’t simply black and white. Watch the new clip from Enhanced above!

Enhanced will be available world wide on March 8, 2019! You can pre-order it today by clicking right here or the banner below!

Enhanced Tony Huge Documentary Generation Iron

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