The Most Epic Post Olympia Show Cheat Meal Ever!

Pig out

What’s The first thing you would do after a bodybuilding  competition? After denying yourself the simple pleasures of a double cheeseburger combo, or eating chocolate after midnight for months on end, how would you celebrate? Exactly. Well apparently world class bodybuilders are no different.

In this Mr. Olympia 2004 video, we get to witness the animal like consumption of what use to be pizza after a grueling season of some of the strictest dieting in sports. These guys waste no time in making short work of the pies, and you know it’s good because there’s almost complete silence while it’s being consumed.

Can you imagine the blood, sweat, and tears it takes to step on that stage, nevertheless to win a medal? After stepping off stage, all these guys want are some dirty calories, and they deserve it. I’m getting hungry just looking at this video.

It’s always good to see these world class competitors in their downtime. And after months of denial of anything, you crave it all that much more. Don’t believe us? Just ask 2004 Dexter Jackson, You’d have to pry that pizza slice out of his cold, dead hands.

On the seventh day, God made Pizza, and he saw that it was good. Hit us up with some of your best stories about post competition meals!

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