Akim Williams’ defining moment that made him a bodybuilder

I AM A BODYBUILDER – is a new original digital series exploring what it truly means to call yourself a bodybuilding. The premiere season starring Akim Williams follows every aspect of his life in and out of the gym. More than a word. More than a career. This is the mind, passion, and life of being a bodybuilder. New episodes air every Monday.

Akim Williams is currently known for two things – he is one of the strongest bodybuilders currently competing and he guest poses with unique masks. Reminiscent of Kai Greene, Akim makes the masks his own and brings mystique and power into his posing routines. His phenomenal and ever-improving physique helps too.

In the premiere episode of ‘I Am A Bodybuilder’ – Akim explains in great detail his diet tactics, his personal life, and his training regimen. He also reveals the moment that turned him into a bodybuilder. A chance encounter that changed his life forever. Watch the premiere episode above!

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