Fred “Biggie” Smalls reconnects with the man who inspired him to become a bodybuilder.

THE FRED BIGGIE SMALLS SHOW – is a docu-series revealing the life of bodybuilder Fred Smalls both on and off the stage; in and out of the gym. Known for infusing dance into his bodybuilding posing, Fred looks to change the way bodybuilding can entertain audiences. This is the story of how and why he got to this point. The Fred Biggie Smalls Show airs every Tuesday.

Every athlete has an origin. One moment or perhaps a collection of moments that shape a person and ignite a passion within them that cannot be stopped. For Fred “Biggie” Smalls, that moment came in the form of a person – Dave Nettles. A man who saw bodybuilding potential in Fred and eventually became his coach and now friend; there would be no Fred “Biggie” Smalls if it wasn’t for Nettles. There would only be regular old Fred Smalls.

In episode 2 of The Fred Biggie Smalls Show, Fred heads over to the gym and reconnects with Nettles. They explore the path that lead to Fred becoming the pro bodybuilder that he is today and look into his future. Fred also hits the iron hard as he gets in a good old fashioned workout session in with Nettles. Fred also explains the principles of bodybuilding and how they govern not only his training and nutrition prep… but his entire life on any endeavor he takes on. You can watch the full episode above!