Turning the art of physique transformation into a business.

THE FRED BIGGIE SMALLS SHOW – is a docu-series revealing the life of bodybuilder Fred Smalls both on and off the stage; in and out of the gym. Known for infusing dance into his bodybuilding posing, Fred looks to change the way bodybuilding can entertain audiences. This is the story of how and why he got to this point. The Fred Biggie Smalls Show airs every Tuesday.

Career bodybuilding is no easy task. Unless you are one of the top level bodybuilders consistently winning big prize shows or you land a very lucrative sponsorship deal… being a professional bodybuilder doesn’t necessarily pay the bills. That’s why most bodybuilders need to be entrepreneurs – applying their impressive knowledge of training, nutrition, and supplementation towards building their own brand and creating their own income. For Fred “Biggie” Smalls, it’s the art of physique transformation that gave him his career beyond the bodybuilding stage.

Owning and operating his own personal training business – Fred might not make a business out of turning everyone into pro bodybuilders – but he makes a business of helping improve your physique to your goals. Even before he was a pro bodybuilder himself, he jumped into personal training immediately. “It’s never about the money” – Fred claims at the outset of this episode. And he might be right. The money comes later. It’s about surrounding yourself with what you love. For him that’s the gym, the bodybuilding stage, and helping others train and transform their physiques as well. In that regard, Fred “Biggie” Smalls is the richest man in the world. Watch the full episode above!