No days off.

I AM A BODYBUILDER – is a new original digital series exploring what it truly means to call yourself a bodybuilding. The premiere season starring Akim Williams follows every aspect of his life in and out of the gym. More than a word. More than a career. This is the mind, passion, and life of being a bodybuilder. New episodes air every Monday.

In episode 3 of I Am A Bodybuilder – Akim Williams takes on a deep dive of his training routine with his crew. Showcasing the importance of having a team of bodybuilders to help motivate you and push you beyond your usual limits. There are no days off in the bodybuilding world – even if you are not in the gym every single decision you make plays into your body and the quality of your physique.

Outside of the gym Akim shows us his usual spot to grab some local flavor in his diet as well as the barber shop where he cleans up before a guest posing or competition. But it ultimately all comes back to the gym – Akim and his beastly team bring a whole new level of fire to each and every rep. It’s what makes him one of the strongest bodybuilders currently competing and will perhaps one day lead him towards Olympia success. Check out episode 3 above!

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