Is competitive bodybuilding too much of a financial risk?

THE BREAKDOWN – Is our first ever bodybuilding talk show hosted by Shawn Ray, Tifanny Urrea, and Jeff Logan. Touching upon the most controversial, entertaining, and trending topics in bodybuilding & fitness, our hosts take a deep dive and hold nothing back. These are raw and uncut debates with clashing opinions and, hopefully, a better understanding of the current state of our sport. The Breakdown airs every Wednesday.

Calum Von Moger joins Shawn Ray and Tifanny Urrea as guest host in today’s episode discussing his recent bicep tear, his upcoming role as Arnold Schwarzenegger in the film Bigger, and how social media played an instrumental role in his bodybuilding success. He also jumps into the debate to discuss the problem with social media trolls in bodybuilding, announce the 2017 Bodybuilding Award results, and dig deep into the financial stability for competitive bodybuilders.

You only win big money if you are good enough to land in the top 3 of bodybuilding competitions… but there are thousands of competitors across the world that compete in leagues. Is it financially worth it to be a competitive bodybuilder? It must be noted that sponsorships, personal training, and other endeavors help weave its way into the money pipeline of a competitive bodybuilding life… but is that enough? Our three hosts dive deep into the realities of being a career bodybuilder.

They also touch upon negativity in comments on social media and how bodybuilders should react to them. Should they respond like Phil Heath did to Luimarco after he won the Mr. Olympia 2017? Should they ignore them? At what point does simple “trolling” turn into dangerous harassment? The world at large is trying to figure this out – and it’s affecting bodybuilding too – Shawn, Calum, and Tifanny give their thoughts on the topic.

So what do you think on these points? Watch that and more in the full episode of The Breakdown above!



  1. FFS it’s a distal biceps tendon rupture.. not the end of the world.. plenty of guys have come back from far worse… look at mark bell. Dude falls under 1085lbs squat and completely destroys his knee.. comes back to squat 1000bls again (geared of course) GI is ridiculous… smh

  2. Actually it doesn’t matter if he compete again or not , he wasn’t of any influence on the sport by any mean , so he won’t be missed, the good thing he sacrificed his biceps to set an example of not doing stupid stuff, specially that the rupture wasn’t during his workout, it was a stupid show off.

  3. I tore my bicep in a powerlifting meet. Had surgery 3 days later. I won my bodybuilding pro card 11 months later. His arm size will come back super fast. My arms are 18 relaxed and 19 pumped. My right arm was 14 when the cast came off and I almost fainted. It was depressing. By month 4 or 5, it was normal. If he trains smart, he will have no issues

    • Even in strongman where you have to do lifts that are really dangerous for the bicep tendon most guys can come back within a year. In bodybuilding he can work around it and do very light, controlled, high rep bicep exercises to get back his size. This is not a career ending injury.

    • David Peter Jennings even though I’m probably ok to do so, I am scared to use mixed grip with deads now. I do Olympic weightlifting as well and we use double overhand hook grip. So now I use that same grip for deads. I can go up to 600 with no issues using that grip. I also eliminated things like preacher curls.

    • I train my deadlifts with straps since they are always allowed in strongman for deadlift and I do tons of other grip training. I would only do mixed grip deadlift if you are going to do a powerlifting meet. If you do mixed grip try to contract your triceps hard so your bicep won’t contract and also strengthen your grip so it’s less likely to slip from your hands and put you in a bad position.

  4. He is like other instagram godlike “Sergi and more ”
    He won’t be missed, anyway we’ve learnt that heavyweights will never make your biceps grow..
    He should focus on the social media or he will end up like Sergi on the Olympia 😉

  5. I wish Calum the best I just can’t stand Shawn Ray and he ruined the interview I got almost halfway through and couldn’t watch anymore nobody cares about you Shawn Ray go away!!

  6. Muscles have memory.It doesnt matter how much his muscles get reduced.He will achieve his gains again in less time due to memorizing power of muscles.Muscles memorize peak size.I saw his videos.He is recovering fast.

  7. he will .no doubt.he has enough money to came back in no more than 2-3 months to have the injured biceps as the same size as the “good” one. what he won’t be able to do ? push his injured biceps into growing further than ever was.that’s a the reason for wich Cutler gave up also , Yates . they both had severe biceps injury . competitive bodybuilding is about symmetry most of all,than about conditioning.he won’t get the same measure at both arms in a short time ,unless he invest a big amount of cash into….directly his injured biceps training and,not only trasining but also other stimulation like massage,electricity..whatever is on the market,he must try it now to get back as fast as he can but…even so…the injury,will be his limit.he can grow his other biceps further and fast but ,not the same with the injured one.time will say …


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