A violent health scare pushed Fred Biggie Smalls out of Mr. Olympia 2016… and almost out of bodybuilding entirely.

THE FRED BIGGIE SMALLS SHOW – is a docu-series revealing the life of bodybuilder Fred Smalls both on and off the stage; in and out of the gym. Known for infusing dance into his bodybuilding posing, Fred looks to change the way bodybuilding can entertain audiences. This is the story of how and why he got to this point. The Fred Biggie Smalls Show airs every Tuesday.

We all face challenges of different degrees throughout our life. But almost always do we face a moment that seems insurmountable. A moment that challenges us to the very core. This can take different forms. Some physical. Some emotional. Bodybuilding’s values teach us to face all challenges no matter how hard or long they may be to overcome… because positive results come from perseverance and hard work. But what happens when the dream of bodybuilding itself becomes threatened?

This is what Fred had to face in late 2016, when a very violent case of salmonella poisoning put him into the emergency room just weeks before he was meant to compete at the Mr. Olympia. He ultimately had to pull out, lost a lot of weight, and looked in the mirror to see a different man. One far removed from the physique that he cultivated for years of his life. But like any true bodybuilder – he faces the challenge and took the long road of recovery not just for his health but for his dream and future in bodybuilding.

There could have been a world where Fred stopped right there – but that’s not the world he wanted to live in. He persevered and here we are today with Fred still on the stage inspiring people. Check out the full episode exploring this challenging moment of his life above.