Mac Trucc reflects on the racist comments, expo fight, and legacy of Rich Piana.

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Racism has always been a hot button topic – but these past few years have put a spotlight onto racism in the United States in a way we haven’t seen for a very long time. Tensions are high politically and culturally and it’s bleeding into every aspect of life – including bodybuilding. 2017 saw the tragic passing of YouTube star and bodybuilding personality Rich Piana, but it was also a temultous year in the months leading up to his shocking death. This includes a fist fight that sparked a feud with Mac Trucc and also a leaked audio recording of Rich Piana using racial slurs. Mac Trucc weighed in heavily on the leaked audio recording and brought much attention to the legendary YouTube bodybuilder.

Now months after Rich Piana’s passing, Mac Trucc has been reflecting on everything that transpired – from their initial close friendship all the way to their eventual falling out. What kind of person is Rich Piana to Mac Trucc in the end? What is the truth behind these fabled moments of sucker punches and racist rants? What sort of legacy will Rich Piana be remembered for in light of all this chaos?

Shawn Ray and Tifanny Urrea talk with Mac Trucc about these incidents and also discuss the issue of racism in bodybuilding as a whole. There is no doubt that racism affects every facet of American life – but what kind of direct affect does it have on the bodybuilding industry and athletes? Watch the full episode above to join the debate.

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  1. Rich wasn’t a racist thought. And mac truck started that fight… you can leave all the comments you want , but it’s pretty fucked up how people are not letting the man rest in peace. Somebody’s always gotta be a bitch and say some stupid shit.

  2. What was this guy’s real name? Certainly it wasn’t “Mac Truck.” Hard to take a guy seriously when he calls himself something you would get named in grade school. …Clearly he has issues though.

  3. Gee – I’m gonna go out on a limb here and call click bait! Worse still using someone that passed as click bait and equally as insulting highlighting someone that doesn’t matter (mactrucc) smh

  4. Anyone who speaks of someone who has passed with such trash talk is someone who was envious of the popularity and fame. This guy will never be anyone in the industry because he has nothing to offer but lip service.

  5. Who’s mac truck? Seriously who actually gives a fuck what he thinks.
    Never heard of him up to the incident and not heard of him since.
    Must be a big player In the bodybuilding world

  6. This clown is just trying to be a internet celebrety fuck his weak ass he will never reach the success of Rich. Rest In Paradise Rich definitely miss your knowledge you always kept it .

  7. MAC seems to still be trying to earn & get publicity off Rich’s name. Was bad enough when Rich was alive but, to keep on after his passing is very sad. Rich was human, he didnt get on with everyone & not everyone agreed with his look but, he was such an inspiration to most inc myself. RIP RICH.

  8. MACC trucks a fucking idiot.the top guys in bodybuilding are of African American and irian decent .how’s there anything racist about it.his opinion is irrelevant.just like he is .cause he can’t get a pro card and be on the big stage he claims it’s because of his color .the dudes a clown.

  9. Holy fuck ya MACC you were making rich soo much money and he got jealous cause you wanted to make money on your own name.lmfao ya MACC we all bought 5% products because of you.lmfao .your a lying jealous idiot


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