Rich Gaspari trains and mentors Classic Physique pro competitor Robert Timms.

GASPARI: THE NEW ERA – is a reality docu-series brining you into the life and mind of Rich Gaspari as he rebrands and rebuilds his supplement company into the new age. Chronicling a full year into the struggle and triumphs of Rich and his team, Gaspari: The New Era showcases what it really takes to not only be a legendary bodybuilder… but a legendary entrepreneur in the bodybuilding industry. New episodes every Wednesday!

One part of running a successful supplement company in the bodybuilding and fitness industry is connecting with the people. Rich Gaspari is a master at this – making sure he is physically at many events and spends time interacting with his fans, customers, and lovers of bodybuilding as a whole.

Another way of connecting with people is through sponsoring new and popular athletes. It’s a way of staying invested not only in the fan side of the sport – but the athletes that are rising up and becoming the new champions and lifeblood of the industry. One such athlete is Classic Physique competitor Robert Timms. At the time of shooting this episode – Robert was preparing for the Mr. Olympia so Rich Gaspari met up with him to check out his physique, his posing, and give him some tips and advice going into the big September weekend.

What does it take to be a Gaspari athlete? What does it mean to be under the wing of one of bodybuilding’s biggest bodybuilding legends? Find out in the episode of Gaspari: The New Era above!