Hidetada visits Rich Gaspari for some advice and a hardcore training session.

GASPARI: THE NEW ERA – is a reality docu-series brining you into the life and mind of Rich Gaspari as he rebrands and rebuilds his supplement company into the new age. Chronicling a full year into the struggle and triumphs of Rich and his team, Gaspari: The New Era showcases what it really takes to not only be a legendary bodybuilder… but a legendary entrepreneur in the bodybuilding industry. New episodes every Wednesday!

Hidetada has had a roller coaster of a year after landing 6th place at the Arnold Classic 2017 (he had previously placed first in 2016). But part of what makes a champion isn’t being undefeated – but being able to pick yourself up stronger after hardship. That’s why Hidetada headed over to the Gaspari Nutrition offices to meet with his mentor Rich and get some advice on how to move forward.

But talking is only half the battle – Rich and Hidetada then jump straight into a hardcore training session at the Gaspari Nutrition gym. Rich not only motivates Hidetada with his words but also with his actions – fueling Hidetada to train harder than ever before. In turn, Hidetada helps keep the fire under Rich as well. The prefect training partners. Check out episode 6 above!